Sea Water Activated Cell

Sea Water Activated Cell

1.5 Volts

Technical Specification :

The Sea Water Activated Cell (silver chloride magnesium type) generate 1.5 V. It is used for Life Raft Cell & it is discharged for 12 hours at 160 mA current. This type of battery is normally used in Indian Navy. The overall dimension is 93 x 26 x 12 mm and maximum weight 40 grams with Light unitSea water activated cell  shelf life shall be 3 years.

Construction :

Sea Water Activated Cell consists of silver chloride and magnesium plates (Anode and Cathode respectively) moulded ABS polymer container with two activation holes.

The Sea Cell is working at wide range of temperature and humidity the water acts as an electrolyte.

Operation :

To activate the Cell, sealing plug must be removed by pulling the cord. On immersion in water, activation will take place within 30 seconds. Once the cell has been unsealed and immersed in water it must be considered as discharged.

Approval :

The Life Raft Cell is approved by Indian Navy.

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