Life Jacket Light – Flashing Type

Life Jacket Light – Flashing Type

Model : HI / Li / FL


Technical Specification :

The Life Jacket Light Model HI/Li/FL has been manufactured as per Solas Resolution MSC 81 (70) and LSA Code (48/66).

The case of Life Jacket Light is made of ABS Polymer. The top cover worked as Lens which is made of Polycarbonate Material. It is being used with Life Jacket. The shelf life of Light is 5 yrs.


Testing :

Life Jacket Light (Rescue Light Flashing Type) is used with Life Jacket for rescue of personnel in emergency.


Application :

On immersion of water Light will glow, which gives 0.75 Cd power for minimum period of 8 hrs. A switch is provided to switch OFF  the Light.


Approval :

The Life Jacket Light is approved by IRS Mumbai.


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