Life Buoy Light (Dry Cell Type)

Life Buoy Light (Dry Cell Type) Model HI/STD/6VF

Technical Specification:

Life Buoy Light (Dry Cell Type) Gives 2.0 Cd power for 2 all direction of upper hemisphere with 4 nos. D type Alkaline 1.5V batteries are used for operation witch are to be Replace Annually.

  • Light flashes between 50-70 Flashes per Minute .It is maintenance free.
  • Size:93.0 Dia.*350mm long, Nylon rope length -1.0 mtrs.

The body of Life Buoy Light (Dry Cell Type) is made of Hd Polymer while lens is made of poly carbonate materials. A flashing Circuit is provides between Dry cell & LED lamp. A White LED is provided to give more than 2.0 CD power. a Mercury switch is provides for ON / OFF operation .A brackets is provided for easy mounting. A nylon rope is attached at Bottom.


The light will glow ON up right position and OFF in down word position


The life Buoy light is approved by IRS Mumbai a notified body in India as per latest SOLAS 1974 with latest amendment Requirement. The Light is complying IMO resolution 81 (70) & LSA Code 48(66) with latest amendment.

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