Life – Buoy Light (S I Light)

Life – Buoy Light (S I Light)



Technical Specification :

The Lifebuoy light (S I Light) is having LED lamp which gives 2 candles power for more than 2 hrs duration in all direction. It gives 50-70 flashes per minutes. The Lithium batteries is used as power source having more than 5 years shelf life. Approximately overall dimension are 80 mm X 185 mm & maximum weight 260 grams (with bracket 350 grams).


Construction :

The Life Buoy light (S I Light) body is made from ABS polymer material and lens is made of poly-carbonate material. Lanyard is provided with 2 M long. The lower part of container is provided with Lithium battery and upper part of the container is provided with LED Lamp and buoyancy chamber. It is provided with mounting bracket. The lanyard is provided to attached with Life Buoy Ring. The life Buoy Light is completely sealed to provide long term strong over a vide range of temperature and humidity conditions and able to withstand shock in case of fall from height. Lanyard is provided with 2 M long.


Application :

Life Buoy Light (S I Light) is used onboard ships & boats with Life Buoy Ring.


Operation :

On immersion in water, activation will take place.


Approval :

The Life Buoy light (S I Light) is  IRS approved confirming to SOLAS/ IMO requirement, as per latest international requirements of SOLAS 1973 / 84 with Resolution  MSC, 48(66) & MSC 81(70) with latest amendments.


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